Concert Tickets

By on March 28, 2018

Remember the day when you can go to a concert for $10 and have a great time. Or even go to a festival show for $20 or maybe $30 and see multiple bands play over the course of an entire day.
Those were the days. A band would come out with a new album, and usually within six months they would be touring in support. You and your friends would get together on a Saturday and head off to a good show. Nowadays tickets are $100 or more. Why is that? And those are for the really bad seats.


If you want to set up close, you’re going to pay $200 or more. The reason for that is the new trend of downloading free music. File sharing programs have become rampant over the last several years, and people are able to get music and movies for free. File sharing was originally a way for people to share files. The owners’ server would store the document, and people would have access to it. Then someone had an idea of uploading music and movies to the same site. That way everyone could on the latest movie for free. Music very quickly followed suit.

Now all of a sudden bands were not making money on album sales anymore; they were losing money. I mean, why would someone go to an album store and buy a CD, when I could download it for free. That caused record companies to have to seek other ways to make money. And bands, had to start charging more money for concert tickets to make up for the album sales loss. It’s actually very simple arithmetic if you look at it. You are still getting a bargain. Just think about how much money you’re saving by not paying for CDs anymore. So when you going to buy a concert ticket and the price is $100 in the long run you’re actually getting a great deal.

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