Heavy Metal Music

Defining Heavy Metal

September 8, 2017
Defining Heavy Metal

When it comes to heavy metal music you’ll find that it doesn’t get the attention of other music genres.  It is rarely played on the radio and it is often portrayed as being loud, screaming and angry.  It has a lot of negative connotations in the music world, most of which are pretty undeserving.  If you can see past the stereotypes you might find you enjoy the beauty and complexity of heavy metal music.

Defining Heavy Metal

Like any other genre of music it has its own subgenres like death metal, thrash metal, hardcore, power metal and yes, even classic metal.  You can take those subgenres and go even further in breaking them down.  Most bands in the world of heavy metal aren’t so easily thrust into just one category they often fit into more than one.  Those are the more popular and interesting heavy metal bands, they use their own inspiration and talent to define their work.

These musicians are the rebels, they don’t listen to record companies or get pigeonholed.  They don’t play music based on the genre they have been thrust into, rather they play the music they love.  These are the musicians that are worth listening to, these are the musicians that give us the best of heavy metal.

Inspirational Musicians

Just like any other genre in music there are founders and big names in the industry and you will hear their influences among the newer and up and coming musicians.  Some of these names will include names like James Hetfield from Metallica and bands like Judas Priest.  While these are incredibly popular with some of them enjoying mainstream fame, there are hundreds of other bands and musicians that comprise the genre.

Try New Music

New artists take inspiration from the veteran artists and take that and make it their own creating some brilliant music.  These artists will only be discovered if someone gives them a chance and listens to their music.  If you’re already a fan of heavy metal then this isn’t much of a challenge, but if you aren’t then try getting past the stereotypes and give this music a chance.  If you heard a song that you didn’t like in the past don’t let it stop you from listening to new music.

Yes, I understand the stereotypes that surround heavy metal but I encourage you give it a try.  Don’t let the band names turn you off look past that and try listening to the music instead.  Try different subgenres and listen to different songs, you’ll find defining heavy metal is different than you thought.